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World famous high-end beach club Nikki Beach lo launch in Saudi Arabia.

With multiple locations across the world, Nikki Beach is known for combining luxury, fine dining, music and entertainment at it’s venues.

Now, there’s word going around that the hot spot will be opening up in Jeddah.

World Famous Nikki Beach

This 5-star  lifestyle Dubai version features spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and the awe-inspiring Dubai skyline. The accommodation available has unique in-room features such as a bespoke entertainment, MyBar, mood light system and oversized bathrooms.

We hear there is a Nikki Beach opening in Jeddah and will be located at the Jeddah Waterfront.

There are a number of photos of the new location doing whe rounds online. There’s even a price list floating about, which shows that the starting price is SAR 500.

nikki beach

Only Time Will Tell

We’re not exactly sure whether it’s just a pop-up location for Jeddah Season or if it will be functional year round.

Whether its temporary or permanent, we’re sure that the news has gotten Jeddah residents excited!