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Move over Kanye West – Akon is just as serious about becoming US President!

American pop superstar Akon recently told Pulse 95 Radio in Sharjah that he is seriously considering becoming US President.

He also wants rap legend Kanye West as his running mate!

Akon Considering Political Move

Speaking about the speculation, Akon says he is considering the political move which would put him in direct competition with his friend and fellow rapper, Kayne West. Akon said:

‘It would be great for the culture and for both of us because just the thought of us running in the election would have people tuning in automatically.’

Akon says he wants to use his fame and influence to lift the spirit of the youth and inspire them to strive for whatever they want to achieve in life.

Akon On-Air With Pulse 95

Akon recently visited the UAE and went live on-air with Pulse 95, part of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority and spoke about a number of topics such as his experience with entrepreneurship as well as ‘Akon Lighting Africa’.

It’s a project started in 2014 which looks to provide electricity by solar energy in Africa. He says:

‘People consider Africa as a risk and everyone who goes in is always thinking about profit. Africa’s profit is not today its tomorrow. If you want to invest, you have to invest in population. With population you can never go wrong, with more people there are more challenges, the more opportunities and you actually have a base to serve.’

Akon for President?

Well, anything is possible…

Only time will tell. And he will need to get past Kanye first, of course.