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Live Nation Middle East and WASLA come together this Thursday 13 December to host the region’s most talented Hip Hop artists. The event celebrates Arabic hip-hop music. It will feature lyrical masterpieces and insane beats from regional hip hop talent including Karrouhat, N3rdistan, El Rass and Moqata’a.


9:30pm Muqata’a (Palestine)

10:45pm El Rass (Lebanon)

12:00am N3rdistan (Morocco)

1:45am Karrouhat (Jordan)

The event this evening offers itself as a teaser for a much larger WASLA event in March. Tonight, we’ll see the talents of Muqata’a, El Rass, N3rdistan and Karrouhat all as an exciting taste of what is to come. The main event in March is the WASLA Arabic Alternative Music Festival, set against the iconic backdrop of the Burj Khalifa. The WASLA music festival celebrates its third year this March after two, critically acclaimed seasons. Stay tuned for more details on that event closet to the date.

The Talent of Today


Photo by Ra’ouf Haj Yihyata

The night starts off the Palestinian hip-hop artist, Muqata’a. He delivers his own brand of rap as the founder and former member of  hip-hop trio Ramallah Underground. He’s built a reputation for himself on the Arab alternative music scene. His style is defined by his sophisticated political analysis, slowed down beats, and impassioned delivery.

El Rass

Lebanese hip-hop prodigy, El Rass is a man of many talents. As a rapper, engineer and producer, El Rass seeks to push the boundaries of rap as a medium of thought, rhythm and expression. He utilises the rich Arabic language as his main instrument. At the upcoming WASLA Hip Hop Session, he will unleash tracks from his latest album Baad El Hazimeh, as well as a host of classics from his impressive repertoire.


Born and raised in Kuwait, Basil AlHadi, aka Karrouhat, has made a big name for himself in Dubai. From Cadillac and Burberry to Montblanc, Karrouhat has collaborated with top brands in the region, taking his love of music and unique sense of style with him. He is also renowned as one of the pioneering artists of the Arabic reggae music movement. With sets covering a wide range of alternative music genres from Shaabi Electro to Arabic Hip Hop, he is sure to amaze.


A perfect storm of rock, trip-hop, electro, oriental beats and world influences, N3rdistan blends the power of digital sound with ancient Arabic poetry, engaged diatribes and unique flute melodies. The powerful quartet have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the live Arab music circuit. They perform energetic sets that bring audiences along on a musical journey from oriental beats to urban electro, and every musical landscape in between.  Their performance is not one to be missed!

Where: On42, Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City

When: Thursday 13 December, doors open at 8pm