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Are you a vinyl fan and thinking about renovating your bathroom?

If you are, this may just be the décor inspo to keep your musical memories alive. You’re looking at the series of turntable inspired sinks, designed by Gianluca Paludi for Olympia Ceramica.

A DJ’s Dream

The sink basin is almost identical to a vinyl record.

The water pressure and temperature is controlled by the two knobs and the spigot looks just like a tone arm!

This is enough to get any DJ excited about brushing their teeth.

turntable inspired sinks

Sinks Or Turntables?

The unique collection is basically a mix between DJ setups and 70’s consoles and there’s a few different styles, colors and configurations to choose from. It’s definitely going to make a statement in your guest bathroom!

turntable inspired sinks

There’s even a Bluetooth speaker in the wooden cabinet, for you to play your tunes wirelessly while getting your hands clean.

turntable inspired sinks

Turntable Inspired Sinks For you?

I’m sure this won’t come cheap but if you have a deep love of vinyl and feeling nostalgic for those records of years gone by, this Gianluca Paludi collection will help keep your musical memories alive!