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Heard the saying that money cannot buy happiness? Well, this new video which has gone viral on social media is a testament to that.

The post doing rounds on social media makes us believe it so much more.

Abu Dhabi Resident Shares Video

An Abu Dhabi resident by the name of Afra Almarar shared a video on his Twitter handle @AAlmrar of a cleaner ravin’ it up in the middle of the street.

The tweet has gone viral with more than 357,000 views to date and over 13,000 likes in only a few days.

In the post, you will see the cleaner dancing with his earphones plugged in as he does his job in the scorching heat.

Since the video was shared, many have been praising the cleaner for his positive outlook towards life as well as making so many of us smile!

This clip really does show us how important it is to enjoy the little things in life, doesn’t it?