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Future Pop star Alyssa Amber has released her debut single ‘Strangers’ in the UAE.

The UAE based student is getting her music career off to a great start at just 15 years of age!

Alyssa has been song-writing for five years and has performed in public for nearly half her life.

Alyssa Amber Releases Debut Single, Strangers

Despite her age, Alyssa Amber’s debut single ‘Strangers’ has been a long time coming. 

‘Strangers’ is a polished, pop-perfect 3-minute record which takes in modern-day references and combines them with Alyssa’s carefully curated influences.

The track comes to live through an inspired perceived scenario which evoked emotional sentiments which Alyssa put to lyrics. It conveys a hypothetical heartfelt emotional turmoil which the track captures and many will be able to relate to.

The track has a beautiful blend of trap, soul, RnB, pop and various subtle under-currents in both the melody and production.

The vocals which are written and performed by Alyssa, soar and float in all the right places, generating a record that will sound at home on radios and streaming platforms across the world.

About Alyssa Amber

Born in London and raised in America and most recently Dubai in the UAE, Alyssa has put her cross-border upbringing to good effect. 

Alyssa has been studying music theory and vocals since the age of 8 and has passed all the exams with top marks from the London based Trinity Rock and Pop Music exam boards.

Alyssa Amber

Alyssa has already performed in London, L.A. and an impromptu gig alongside Virgin DXB radio personality Kris Fade. With her debut single ready to go, she’s got her sights set on following inspirations like Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey into the pop world!

Alyssa Amber released her debut single ‘Strangers’ at the beginning of April via Weststar Records. 

We look forward to hearing more from this talented young artist. Listen to the track and you’ll agree.