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It looks like Tyga may be overdoing things.

Tyga recently shared some photos from a hospital in Abu Dhabi, thanking doctors for treating him with “the best care”.

Tyga In The UAE

Tyga was in the UAE for an appearance at the Base F1 pop-up club on Saturday night. That performance followed another performance in Saudi Arabia on the same day, as part of the country’s Ad Diriyah season.

It’s not clear why exactly Tyga was hospitalised in Abu Dhabi, but if a similar hospital visit in India last week is anything to go by, it could very well be exhaustion!

Tyga’s Busy Schedule

The popular rapper told fans at his concert in Mumbai that he was feeling “under the weather”, but wouldn’t let that ruin his gig.

Tyga later posted a video of himself in hospital wearing a mask.

His performances in the UAE this past weekend was his second time in Saudi Arabia this year, after he first appeared at the Jeddah World Festival in July.

Tyga is currently in the middle of a hectic world tour. His regional appearances kicked off in Dubai on the 27th of November, before he headed off to Mumbai, Riyadh, and then Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

Whatever the reason he’s in hospital for, we do hope he makes a quick and easy recovery.

The tour continues as planned, so we hope he can find some time to put his feet up!