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On Thursday 4th July, we saw a new underground rave concept hitting Dubai Studio City – The Grid.

With 2000 people showing up to support the launch of The Grid on July 4th, the team has upped their game!

On the night of 28th August, you are invited to #GetOffTheGrid once again and we’ve got 5  reasons why you have to be there:

5 Reasons You Need To Be At The Grid This Weekend

Epic Line Up

5 heavyweight artists will be creating magic on the night. Nick Warren, Noir and Henry Saiz will all be making their way to Dubai on August 29th to play with the Grid’s seasoned veteran MadLou resident & founder of The Grid, and guest, Hoolz, the smart mind behind Deep Like.

Epic, indeed!

Amazing Sound System

The sound is always the star of the show! At The Grid, they do everything they can to be different and offer something unique. They are always aiming for an immersive experience that will keep getting more elaborate every month.

Prior to launch, they have spent a lot of time and effort to explore a 3D modeling sound experience, it is a monstrous L-Acoustic sound system with massive power and clarity engineered and designed to the T, capable of delivering 130db, which is pretty insane!

Incredible Lighting

The new dance floor will feature futuristic light shows and sound, reminiscent of European dance music culture.

If you were at the launch of the Grid in July, you would know exactly what we mean!

Unique Clubbing Concept

Underground rave events are continuing to expand as more and more club-goers are seeking more authentic rave experiences. It’s still a fairly new concept in Dubai and this is exactly what the Grid can offer.  The Grid is a monthly event series which is located in a massive 50,000 sq.ft warehouse location!

You Don’t Want To Have FOMO!

With 2000 people pitching up for the first event, the word has spread!  The Grid team has upped their game for the event on the 29th, so there’s no way you can miss it.

You can find full details of the second installment of The Grid.