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World famous and Grammy nominated group Caribou is in Dubai on the 8th and you don’t want to miss it. Here are our top 5 reasons why:

1) It’s the first time this group has ever performed in the region!

Although already known worldwide, Caribou have never come to this corner of the Earth and now is the chance to check it out without having to catch a flight halfway around the world.

2) See a Grammy-nominated ensemble!

Nominated for best electronic/dance album, this ensemble totally rocked it with When they perform live, every feels the magic.

3) It’s a chance to experience the Zenith Festival Dubai!

This is totally new to Dubai and a collaboration between Selective Memory (a leading Irish events promoter) and Crowngate International. There’s only ever one chance to experience something for the first time and this is yours!

4) Get out of your comfort zone!

If you’re not already into electronic music, this is probably one of the best opportunities to give it a try. The Caribou ensemble notoriously hosts amazing live performances. It’s an experience you just can’t get from your headphones. Feel the music pulsing through you and check out this event live.

5) It’s not just Caribou, it’s Rhye too!!

This is a double whammy event because this rising group will be there too and won’t disappoint. The combination will knock your socks off!

For tickets, go to Platinumlist and grab them while you can!