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UAE based artist from Poland, Timo Higgs, prepared a very unique event to celebrate his first Album launch “UCHANSKI”.

#7EMIRATES1DAY was an event which saw Timo DJ in all 7 Emirates across the space of 24 hours, playing 7 DJ sets, over 600 KMS apart! Starting from early morning in Ras Al Khaimah and playing a final closing set at night in Dubai. All of Timo’s DJ sets included live drumming and electric guitar by Vito, check out his route below:

INFUSION was intrigued to chat to Timo to discover where this one of a kind idea came from…

7 Emirates in 1 day, quite a feat! What inspired you to do this Timo? Please tell us you atleast had a driver…

Well I hate to disappoint you, but no, I didn’t have a driver.. It was a complete challenge so I wanted to do it all! Not only did I have to drive and play, but in 3 locations I also had to setup first as some of the locations didn’t even have a sound systems. From driving, to connecting & disconnecting, carrying speakers, performing, eating, posting pics & videos, as well as answering all the messages it’s safe to say I didn’t have a second to spare between the hours of 5AM on 21st April 2018 – 5AM on 22nd April 2018!

What inspired me? Well during the course of growing up I guess we are all inspired by different things. For me It started with my album and my inspiration to make it. I had suffered over the years with anxiety – dealing with that was not always easy and I was trying to find an escape from it, a distraction let’s call it, and I found music was always the best therapy for me. I started working on a single track alone but before I knew it I suddenly had several projects there were “in progress”, so I decided why not, let’s make an album! The #7Emirates1Day idea came about when I was trying to decide upon a specific place to do the launch of the album; it was not easy to pick one, so I had a crazy idea, checked Google Maps and the concept was born!

Can you describe in a bit more detail some of the performances you did that day? I’m interested to know what the 7AM performance in RAK was that’s for sure! What type of show was that?

The day’s program was to perform all 10 tracks from my album in all of the 7 locations. I started out at 7am in Waldorf Astoria RAK, just as the morning was breaking. It was phenomenal! Especially to say it was before the morning ritual –coffee! One thing we forgot to prepare!! Obviously I knew from the very beginning that I couldn’t expect a big crowd so early in the day. We planned this event mostly for the camera eye and to prove it’s possible to do something like this. I chose Saturday also for the mere fact that I wanted to avoid getting stuck in traffic; the schedule was already very tight so we couldn’t afford for any disruptions like that. From there on I played my tunes throughout the day, adding some synth drums and my friend Vito prepared some guitar solos – this was important because my album is 100% instrumental, no vocals at all with a lot of space for additional acts during sets, which was my intention.

It is no secret or will come as no surprise, that it’s not easy to convince clubs or venues to change their planned parties to let me perform at these times on a weekend. For this I would like to sincerely thank all the hotels and venue managers who allowed me to perform and helped me make this vision a reality.

Did any fans or friends follow you for the whole 7 emirates?

Funny, I’m not sure if I could have expected anyone to keep up with the 7Emirates drive, but seriously – I don’t think I have or I should expect to have any fans just yet. I have friends who support me throughout my music adventures and where they were able to show up, they did show up. Friends whom I hadn’t seen for years even surprised me by turning up at some locations, so that was a particular highlight! I also had a lot of support via messages on my Facebook page, phone and Instagram etc. To be honest I didn’t expect to receive the support I did throughout the day, my phone didn’t stop. Big thanks to all my friends!

Tell us about your album launch you have coming up, UCHANSKI?

To start with “UCHANSKI” is my family name, everyone knows me by my stage name Timo Higgs which I used for 10 years now so it comes as a surprise to many people to learn that that is not my real name. I never released a full album, only single tracks, so this first album is like my baby – it’s only fitting that a baby should have its father’s name after all! 😉

The album has 10 tracks, all instrumental. I can’t define its genre because I didn’t want to limit myself in that way, sometimes it sounds like house, sometimes more like techno. You can find some melodies also like in old-school trance or basslines from deep; I was just playing with samples, sounds and beats. I think I was finally able to free my mind and not think too much about who is this track or album for, where I would be able to play it or for which radio, if any. The Album will be released on a German label; PearlsForPigs

Finally, what else have you got lined up for 2018?

Well, I can tell you now that I certainly don’t plan to drive another 7states in a day any time soon – I need to finish the movie from this #7emirates1day challenge first! Summer is very soon so we are preparing a nice summer song with Ray Horton (The Real Milli Vanilli) with great sax from Dave Bo. I hope to be able to do a gig or two during my short visit in Poland next month. I started working on “UCHANSKI” as performances because I want to make them more like live acts, with drums, samplers and even my vocals. I am writing lyrics for these tracks but they will not be recorded – You will only be able to listen to these versions during my live gigs. Other than that I am planning at least 3 more singles this year and one or two music videos too.
Overall my biggest plan is to keep enjoying music – making music, playing music and listening to music – I hope I will never get bored or tired with it. There is no better therapy for me!

We salute you Timo, and wish you nothing but the best of luck with the album launch!