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There’s an enormous amount of pressure to reopen the worldwide economy after weeks of lockdown in many parts of the world. Countries are now getting some guidelines from their government for the restart of nightclubs and music festivals.

There is no doubt that the reopening of the nightlife economy will be gradual and its unlikely that live music, festivals and clubs will completely return until there is a vaccine.

Plans To Re-open Music Festivals, Clubs and Venues        

We’ve seen some movement in China where nightlife is slowly returning, while South Korea’s initial club re-openings are said to be linked to a recent spike of COVID-19 infections in the country, which resulted in another nightlife shutdown.

Various other governments, such as Spain, have outlined multi-stage plans to reopen some venues along with the rest of economy.

The Latest On Nightlife Re-openings.

As of this week the following has been reported:


With less than 9,000 confirmed cases, Australia is looking at reopening its economy with restrictions around gatherings already being lifted in some states.

Social-distancing guidelines will however likely remain in place for a while.

United Kingdom

The UK’s new three-step plan for phasing out the UK lockdown, details that the third phase, which will potentially begin on or after July 4th, will allow for the partial opening of pubs and restaurants under the category of “food-service providers,”

However, it also states, “Some venues which are, by design, crowded and where it may prove difficult to enact distancing may still not be able to reopen safely at this point, or may be able to open safely only in part.”

So not entirely clear!


The Irish government also issued a Roadmap For Reopening Society & Business which outlines five phases with tentative timeframes.

Only the final stage which is estimated to be around the 10th of  August makes allowance for “festivals, events and other social mass gatherings… where social distancing can be complied with.”



While Denmark’s borders remain closed to foreigners, museums, theaters and zoos will begin to open from 8th of June.

The Local DK reports that bars, nightclubs and small concert venues will have to wait until sometime in “early” August for reopening.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands Minister Of Public Health says “mass events at national level” may only be allowed with the existence of a vaccine, AT5 reports.

However places like concert halls and theaters will be allowed to take groups of 30 people, with previous reservations and social distancing, starting on the 1st of June.

Groups of 100 will be allowed to gather from 1st July.

United States

The United States is a bit of a mixed bag.  Certain states, such as Austin and Texas, are pushing to open bars and nightclubs imminently.

While New York, who has the largest concentration of infections and deaths, has a phased in approach, with nightclubs and bars likely to be among the last businesses to open.



Some “cultural events” may take place in Spain starting this month.

From the 11th of May, outdoor terraces of restaurants and bars are allowed to open at 50 percent capacity. No more than 30 people will be permitted to attend indoor events and no more than 200 for socially distanced, seated open-air events.

For the final phase, which is planned for the 10th of June, the capacity for indoor events moves up to 80 people, while outdoor functions can host up to 800 people in seats.


With one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, Italy has started lifting its lockdown in phases.

Restaurants can currently offer takeaway services and according to reports they will be allowed to reopen from 1st of June.

There’s no official word on reopening of nightclubs or adjusting bans on larger events.