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So, with a sad sigh, we enjoyed one of the most fun-fueled, yet emotionally charged farewell parties Dubai last season. Jumeirah Restaurant Group announced the planned closure of the hugely popular and longstanding nightlife brand 360˚, located at Jumeirah Beach Hotel back in May 2018


The news of the closure is in line with the planned refurbishment of Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which will span over the course of this summer and with it promises an exciting project that will bring a new, contemporary and fresh experience to this much-loved Dubai landmark. That being said however, 360˚cannot simply be replaced, the venue has remained somewhat of an icon for Dubai over the years and with popular nights spanning back over the last decade and more, new and old residents and tourists alike can all share memories of this magical sunset venue! The loss of 360 ˚ will mean the loss of a little piece of Dubai nightlife history and so INFUSION decided to give it the goodbye it truly deserved…


The venue brought Dubai dreams to life! Sitting sipping cocktails with the Burj to your left and the sun dipping down into the gulf, this was what Dubai dream was all about!
Brought out Box-Fresh talent before anyone else.
They were one of the first venues to get Funktion 1 in the city – making sure that good quality sound was a pre-requisite for clubbing, not just a bonus.
Crazy buggy rides, past the marina and the super yachts whilst instagraming the sh*t out of it – because you knew that the buggy ride back would include absolutely no photo ops what-so-ever!!
Set home to some of the best Resident DJs Dubai has seen, including the likes of; Da Sendri, Tristan Bain, Marco Loco, Jack Woodcock, Mr.Mr. and Ahmed Raxon – an integral part of Audiotonic and now a global name.
Voted by the DJ Mag poll as one of the top 100 best night clubs in the world.



“The sun is setting on 360˚ in its current form and we would like to thank our colleagues for their hard work and dedication, as well as our loyal guests for the support shown to this award-winning brand over the past 13 years. I would also like to thank our entertainment partners: the DJs and artists of both local and international acclaim who, with the 360˚ brand, changed the shape of the Dubai nightlife scene for over a decade. 360˚ has a special place in the hearts of most Dubai residents and tourists alike and we look forward to giving this iconic venue a fitting send off in the coming weeks.”

– Emma Banks, General Manager Jumeirah Restaurant Group


“Huge respect to the Audiotonic guys especially Mr. Mr. and Raxon for educating the house music scene in DXB back then in 2007. We had unforgettable memories with everyone there! We are happy we had the chance to share the decks with them in 2011 and enjoy the good old days… Much love.”

– Jixo & Danz, Resident DJ’s Soho Garden DXB


“I got my first break Dj’ing in Dubai playing at 360˚ for Audiotonic, it was on a special long weekend event back in 2012. I got to play the main 4-hour set for a crowd who were going crazy the whole way through! It was a moment I will cherish forever.”

– Deian Markov, Founder & MD Groove On The Grass


“I was in high school when I first came down to this place and I have to say, the amount of times I got rejected because it was ‘couples only’ was too many to count!! I would even plan ahead and come down so early just to try get in, only to get the same response. Until the day I made friends with a tall Indian bouncer with a perfect mustache back when I used to go to The Apartment (Mahiki now). I saw him working at the 360˚ entrance one day and that’s when I finally got in, and as they say, the rest is history – filled with bullfrogs, kamikaze shots and great nights!”

– Karam Toubba, Resident DJ & Music Director Decibel DXB


“We loved playing at 360˚. A forward-thinking venue with amazing scenery and a clued-up crowd. It was a dancefloor-family hotspot until a short while ago and will always have a special place in our memories”

– Monsafe SG, Pioneer DJ Smokingroove


“Was lucky enough to play one set there – sunset for the Cuts Above boys with Jack Woodcock, Dan Chadwick, Johnny Thornhill and Yam Who! Just totally love the place.. and my favourite views in the city for a club!”

– Si Forestiero, DJ


“When I think of 360˚ I instantly think of the open air experience, the smell of shisha in the air and the continuous house beats pumping! Tune after tune… not to mention the breathtaking views, and even the little cart ride that adds to the experience!! This is sad news, it really is an end of an era!! 360 you will be sadly missed.”

– Stacey Loftus, Blogger at Satisfied Dubai


“Definitely some amazing times for sure with some of the coolest kids in town!!! 360˚you will never be forgotten!”

– Helgi Cecilia, Sunset Dancer


“After running the venue for 3 plus years I’m sad to see it going… So many good experiences and memories! The best part of it all was that I was lucky enough to meet 100’s of like-minded souls in my first few months in this country through 360˚ and I’m here, nearly 10 years later, because of it!”

– Steven Davis, Former Manager 360˚Dubai


Finally, for a blast from the past and a fitting note to end on, back in 2011, Florian Kruse played to a full house with support from Vas Floyd & Raxon. Enjoy the last tune of the night here:

and in the words of Prince, thank you 360˚ and all those involved ‘for turning us out, and making us shout, all night long’! Goodbye 360˚, thank you for the memories!


The sun officially set at 360˚ one last time on the 12th May