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With 2000 people showing up to support the launch of The Grid on July 4th, the team has upped their game!

They are more than excited to bring you their second chapter.

So get ready for the night of August 29th as you are invited to #GetOffTheGrid once again!

#GetOffTheGrid Part 2

This time the venue is set to go twice as hard with a few surprises up their sleeves. There will be double the capacity at the venue and 5 top artists on the night.

Nick Warren, Noir and Henry Saiz will all be making their way to Dubai on August 29th to play with the Grid’s seasoned veteran MadLou resident and founder of The Grid, and guest, Hoolz, the smart mind behind Deep Like.

Nick Warren

Nick Warren knows exactly how to connect with a crowd. He has a wealth of experience and is considered one of the industry’s most respected DJs worldwide. He has played in clubs all over the world and we can’t wait to and we can’t wait to hear his set of the 29th.


Noir is an international artist, curator and overall musical pioneer, to put it simply. The face behind the “Noir Music” label is a driving force of the house and techno global scenes. On August 29th, Noir will be gracing the stage at The Grid. Catch up on his latest mixes and releases here

Henry Saiz

Henry Saiz’s musical language is difficult to describe, but quite easy and simple to enjoy. You could find yourself immersed in his sound on August 29th as the “Natura Sonoris” DJ promises a phenomenal live show at The Grid. Take a listen to Henry’s “The Labyrinth” online radio show which has been gaining traction worldwide:


MadLou is both a standout talent in the industry. He is also the founder of The Grid. Touring across the Middle East and Europe, he is an established regular at some of the biggest global events, clubs and festivals. You can listen to his unique sounds here:


Hoolz is a big part of the Dubai music scene and on 29th August 29th you will see why. His many podcast features and premiers will certainly give you a taste of what soundscape we can expect from the artist:

#GetOffTheGrid Part 2

Where: The Grid – Soundstage

When: Thursday 29 August

Tickets available on