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Spotify recently announced a purrrrfect new feature!

The streaming service now allows users to create personalised playlists for their pets, following discussions with “experts in the industry”. 

Playlist For Your Pets

The company has designed a playlist generator that is specifically designed for owners of dogs, cats, iguanas, birds and hamsters. Click on the appropriate animal, give a couple of details about the pets personality, provide their name and the pawfect playlist will be created!

Following a sync with your preferences based on account history you’ll be provided with a selection of tracks compiled, especially for your best four-legged friend. Here’s what the  company has to say about Pets.By.Spotify :

“While music for pets isn’t an exact science, we consulted with experts in the pet industry for the best approximation for what might work best for our featured animals. Incidentally, we only use the information you provide us to create your Pet Playlist. The information is not stored and is not used for any other purpose.”


This new feature is the latest development from the music service which is sure to make your pets happy!

A few weeks ago, Spotify announced the suspension of all political adverts and revealed its plans for a new awards show, the first of which is set for Mexico City in March 2020.

So what kind of tunes will be on your pets playlist based on their personality? A relaxing classical playlist or a hard-core heavy metal kind of vibe?

Head to and start picking their favourite beats

Featured Image : Stocksnap