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Moh Flow is one of the region’s urban music pioneers. He recently signed with Sony Music Entertainment and released his first single with them “Dead One” in December. The label announced that the debut album Faith will come out early 2019. It’s just more proof that the region is pumping out more talent than ever before.

Get to Know Moh Flow, the Dubai-Based Rapper

The 26-year old Dubai-based Syrian born rapper, producer, lyricist and entrepreneur, Moh Flow joined the Sony Music Global family last month. If you ask him to describe himself, he would say he is that guy who loves to make music that people can relate to and connect with. He has an aspirational vision, dedicating his energy into making dreams happen. A fluid and self-made artist, he brings the full package: craft, appearance and personality. Moh Flow’s journey, his music and his drive are inseparable. He wants young people to say, “I can be that”. This is what makes him a youth inspiration.

“Dead One” the Single & Faith the Album

His single “Dead One”, was released on December 14 and is part of his much-anticipated album Faith to be released worldwide on all platforms early 2019. Faith is a journey of self-awareness, confidence, and the polar opposites of those emotions. There is an array of themes that this album circles. It feels like a year of experiences jam packed in 7 records.

“I’ve been working on this project for more than a year. I can’t describe how I feel about these records because they are pretty much my life, and I still don’t know how I feel about that. This is meant to connect with people who have similar experiences as I did. Whether it is finding your confidence, or losing your love unexpectedly.”

Moh Flow about his album

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