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For those of you out there that want something a bit more from your earbuds then look no further than the super stylish and highly ergonomic Meters M-Ears…

Coming in a range of colors such as the fashionable red, black, tan or white leather with a ‘tasteful’ rose gold, there is a choice for everybody. What also makes Meters M-Ears buds a great choice for the music lover on the go is the genius design addition of magnetic outers. This allows the earbuds to be clipped together thus meaning tangle-free cables. Anybody that extensively uses earbuds will tell you that this is the bane of their existence, the fact that this issue has now been kindly resolved by Meters will bring tears of joy to many an avid music listener.

As well as the fantastic design traits, Meters M-Ears also comes complete with a fantastic user package, including earbuds of varying size to ensure a snug and comfortable t. Your precious earbuds will also come packaged in a hard-wearing carry case, this will ensure that you never lose your earphones ever again.

For more information go to metersmusic.com