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The Meydan hotspot, Soho Garden, just expanded their rooftop hangout—The Deck—where they’ll host a new regular Sunday event, Collektive with Mar+Mer. Also, Jixo & Danz, Adam Graca and Jean B will support them.

DJs Mar+Mer

Mar+Mer is the collaboration of a hugely talented duo that after a night out with their sounds you will want to know personally. Plus, The addictive beats they produce have an essence of rawness and magnetic appeal. Collectively, their music derives from four decades of modern music. Finally, it maintains energetic performance of enthusiasm, positive auras, infectious melodies, and bouncy rhythms spilling onto the dance floor amidst a sea of good vibes.

Soho’s Newest Expansion – The Deck

The Deck presents as a bit more intimate as far as Soho venues go. With a smaller, cosier vibe, this venue promises curated house music as well as Nu-funk tracks. Thus, the Deck at Soho Garden presents an opportunity to join the Soho fun without getting lost in it. In conclusion, we’re definitely interested. 

For reservations, email here or call/WhatsApp +971 52 388 8849