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This Halloween, Snoopy Beats is back with its spooky edition of the season, Skull Island. Set to be the biggest event they have ever hosted, get ready for a spooky spectacular on the 26th October 2018.

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Skull Island by Snoopy Beats

For years, Snoopy Island has brought joy and entertainment to many… but very few actually know the full history behind this iconic island. Just as secrets and mystery lie within every soul, Snoopy is no exception to that.

“Legend has it that every 100 years, Snoopy gets possessed with evil spirits, causing ghostly wrecks and horror around the island. In 1818, three ships crashed followed by another four in 1918. Ships have disappeared, souls have been lost, and screams have drowned without any true revelation of the cause. October 26th, 2018 marks the next 100 years in this unravelling, cyclic tale of mystery and horror. It is an anniversary to discover, explore and experience what lies beneath.” – Snoopy Island

Halloween at Skull Island

This Halloween, Skull Island will be a ritualistic and tribal celebration to honor the spirits lost. This will be the biggest event Snoopy Island has ever hosted and a unique journey for those who dare to disconnect with reality, adventure through land and sea, and explore the mysterious sites that carry Snoopy’s darkest secrets and the hundreds of skulls that lie beneath the waters.

The islands spooky soundtrack will be provided by:


Frankey & Sandrino at Tribe, Brazil | Photo credit: Frankey & Sandrino


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Elias Doré


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Your everyday world may be beautiful, but this island is where mesmerizing chaos happens.

Tickets available now at Platinum List and additional info can be found on the Skull Island Facebook Event Page.

See you for a spooky special at Skull Island!