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With releases on Subliminal, Snatch!, Elrow and Kittball, Shyam is fast becoming the go-to man for deep house vocals. Working across low-slung daytime tracks or peak time tech-house action, his vocals and melodies have started turning industry heads in all the right places from underground labels to majors worldwide.

What unites the best tracks, what pulls the dance
floor together? A good beat, sure. A seismic bassline, yup. But the one thing that resonates with our primal brains, that speaks directly to our cortex? Vocals. Whether that’s full-blown choruses that soar and linger long after the track’s stopped or half-heard snippets that push house and techno on deeper into the night, they’re one of the keys to making good music great. Shyam P, a 33-year old singer/songwriter brought up on UK garage and 4×4, dance music 
has found a new voice. One that’s happy delivering glamour and glitz with his smooth and soulful vocals but equally at home come 4am when it’s time for the heads-down and hands-up house and tech-house approach, dropping vocal snippets and half-remembered choruses.

Shyam delivers the vocals, melodies and co-produces for cutting-edge electronic duo Arcade 82 who have played sell-out Creamfields UAE shows and supported big names including The Chemical Brothers, The Gorillaz, Mark Ronson, Stormzy and Mark Knight, as well as gigs in Ibiza, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Mauritius.
Shyam has quickly become a name in his own right, working closely with Soul DVine, Spirit Soul and Sleazy Deep on a series of early releases. His collaboration with Alex Hook, ‘Walk The Night’ hit the Beatport Chill Out No.1 spot and to date has been streamed over 1 million times on Spotify. Unsurprisingly, that has led to further music being signed on Armada, Kittball and Flashmob Records.

More recently, Shyam has released on world-famous labels including Sublimimal, Cr2, Soul Heaven and Snatch! Records, a truly diverse range of labels
and sounds all unified by a common dancefloor denominator – Shyam’s voice. With 2018 underway, and a raft of high pro le signings with Elrow and Simma Black and collaborations with Franky Rizardo, Shyam is set to be a voice you’ll be hearing a lot more from…


How long have you been making music for?

When I was 15, I used to go and hang out in DJ Wire’s basement – we would go down there and record. In those days, it was all about UK garage and grime. I got myself some decks and started buying vinyl. We would put on local parties and mix/MC there. Those were the days!
I started listening and studying some of the vocals
on garage and 4×4 like Somore, The Nightcrawlers, Rosie Gaines and Brasstooth. They inspired me to start writing dance music. Looking back, that era was
a golden time for UK dance music and I feel pretty blessed to have owned some of that vinyl.


Can you define your musical style or tastes?

As an artist, it’s electronic music. I gravitate towards the deep house sound, that could be daytime, poolside stuff all the way through to more high energy, groovy and club orientated beats. I’m also a massive fan of tech house, DC10 is still one of my favorite places
in the world. From going out and partying for over a decade now, I’ve always felt there is room for vocals on this type of music.


When you’re making music, do you envision where the track will be played or which DJs will play it?

When I jam and write music, I try to work a sound and mood, based on the label or labels I want to send the track to.

With the more down-tempo, daytime sound, I think there is more room for vocals, there’s more room
to structure a song. I’m
always conscious to let the track breath and let the groove roll too. On the more underground cuts, the top line melodies tend to have less variation and I try to work a number of different phrases. I always try to think about tracks that I’ve heard in DC10 or Fabric for example, which have caught my ear and I try to write lyrics, based on my experiences and feelings when I’m out partying and playing.


What have been some of your biggest successes 
to date?

Last year was a good year, I hit the Beatport Top
20 Tech house with ‘Believe’ on SNATCH with Brett Gould, who is on re right now! I also released on Erick’s label (Subliminal) and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazingly talented people in the industry, finishing material that will be released this year.


You had some great releases in 2017 on the likes of Subliminal and SNATCH! plus you worked with Harry Romero, Brett Gould, Till Von Sein and many more. What have you got cooking or 2018?

I’ve been working on some great projects recently and I’ve got a few cuts already signed, which will be dropping in the coming months. I’ve also been working on new material with Franky Rizardo, Alex Arnout, Ki Creighton James Curd, The Deepshakerz, Husky plus we also have some exciting new projects and music coming from Arcade 82.

Listen to his music: