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There always seems to be a huge debate around fake Instagram followers.

It’s all just numbers at the end of the day but there is definitely some value attached to the count, especially for celebs.

Everyone knows fake followers exist, but for the larger celeb accounts, the percentage of fake is quite a shocker according to recent reports.

Report Shows Shocking Percentage of Fake Followers

Recently, ICMP  made public its latest report highlighting the number of fake followers that celebrities have, including your favourite music stars.

Korean boy band, BTS, made it to number two on the overall list, with 48% of there followers being fake!

Taylor Swift has a fake following of 46% and so does Ariana Grande.

Other notable musicians with a large amount of fake Instagram followers are Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus each with 45%, while Katy Perry has a fake following of 44%.

Drake too has a 38% fake fan base!

You can check out the complete list of celebrities and their percentage of fake numbers, over here.

Methodology Used

The ICMP took various ‘most successful’ and ‘most followed’ lists to build their own list of celebrities through various genres including acting, sport, music, and tv personalities. They then filtered this by the number of followers to get to a top 100 most followed list.

They then ran their Instagram and Twitter handles through IG Audit and Sparktoro’s fake Twitter follower’s tool to measure the percentage of their following that was actually real.