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Global superstar reportedly sued her father for using the name “Fenty” and unlawfully representing himself as her agent. He allegedly used his connection to Rihanna for personal profit. 

Rihanna’s Rise

Rihanna skyrocketed to stardom at a very young age with worldwide hits like Pon de Replay, which was released back in 2005. More recently, she and Calvin Harris released This is What You Came For in 2016 with over 2 billion hits on YouTube. 

Beauty and Fashion

As many super successful music stars do, Rihanna branched out. She started out doing cosmetics with MAC Cosmetics back in 2013 when she released a collaboration called “RiRi hearts MAC.” At the same time, the superstar released a series of fragrances to wild fanfare. By 2017, she launchd her own cosmetics line called Fenty Beauty under LVMH. The brand has been wildly successful and has catapulted her in terms of global business beyond music. After a well received collaboration with Puma, the Barbados native plans to launch a luxury label under the LVMH brand as well, also under the Fenty name. 

Image sourced from Sephora

Fenty, Fenty, Fenty

The Fenty Beauty brand is by far Rihanna’s most successful non-music venture. The name is known around the globe. Rihanna’s full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Thus the brand is inspired by her last name. 

Daddy Issues

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s father, who shares the same last name opened a company with a partner called Fenty Entertainment. This is where is begins to get messy. Ronald Fenty was allegedly misrepresenting himself as his daughter’s manager and attempted to use the Fenty name to book 15 unauthorised shows in Latin America for an estimated 15 million US dollars. Despite the fact that the two are closely related, RiRi’s legal representation states that he never had any authority to act on Rihanna’s behalf. The star filed for a legal injunction and damages in the ballpark of 75 million US dollars in California Federal Court.