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After hackers got hold of and leaked 18 hours of unreleased outtakes from Radiohead’s “OK Computer” sessions, Radiohead have responded in the smartest way possible.

The band has released the recordings and it will be available for about $23 for 18 days. Proceeds of sales will go to to Extinction Rebellion, an ecological activist group who recently staged protests in London. The unexpected move comes after the recordings were stolen for ransom from singer Thom Yorke’s digital files.

Radiohead Held Ransom

According to, Jonny Greenwood, the band’s guitarist. the thief was demanding $150,000 ( +-Dh550,882) for the previously unreleased music.

 Although the music was “never intended for public consumption,” it was better to release it than deal with a ransom demand, he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Greenwood also noted that all 18 hours of the sessions will be available on Bandcamp for the next 18 days for about $23.

A message on the band’s Bandcamp page says that the recordings are from “1995-1998(?)”.

What’s On The Recordings?

They say “it’s not v interesting” , “there’s a lot of it” And “as [the music is] out there, it may as well be out there, until we all get bored, and move on.”

It’s a combination of unreleased songs, early studio and live versions of tracks, unmastered takes as well as a few jam sessions. A fan-run Google document which has notes and timestamps for the new collection is also in the mix.

Radiohead are known for going against the grain so their response to their demands is no surprise.