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We recently shared the news that R Kelly asked for his travel ban to be lifted in order to perform in Dubai next month.

However, a judge has reportedly set a new court hearing for Kelly for May 7, meaning that he was unlikely to be able to travel for his concerts that was meant to take place in Dubai in April.

So it looks like the American singer’s hopes of performing here in Dubai next month are looking less likely.

R Kelly’s laywer asked a US court to lift a court filing requesting permission for him to travel to Dubai, as reported previously.

R Kelly Faces Charges In The US

R Kelly

R Kelly currently faces 10 counts of criminal sex abuse in Cook County ( includes Chicago)  – for the alleged abuse of 4 women, of whom 3 were reportedly underage.

The singer is banned from travelling outside of the US without permission, but he was set to apply for approval to fly by private jet to Dubai.

R Kelly was set to perform in Dubai next month

R Kelly was due to play a series of shows between April 17 and 19.

A judge has now set a new court hearing for May 7. This means that Kelly was unlikely to be able to travel for his concerts in Dubai next month.

However, R Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg was optimistic Kelly would appear in the emirates at some point in the near future.

Greenberg reportedly said:

“I think the judge would be in a better position to rule in our favour if we had a little more detail in the motion… There’s still a chance he could go to Dubai, sure.”

He also added that the singer was in financial difficulties due to rising legal bills and badly needed to earn money.

Even though there has been an enormous amount of negative publicity linked to the singer, Greenberg claims that he had received over 150 emails in the last 6 months, requesting Kelly “to perform in just every place possible you can think of”.