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DJ’ing enthusiasts take note.

Pioneer DJ have just added a new Serato controller to their range.

The new addition comes in the form of the DDJ-1000SRT.

The DDJ-1000SRT basically has the same format as the previously announced DDJ-1000.

However, the new Pioneer addition has a state of the art full-size CDJ2000-style jogs with the new full-colour screen that topographies artwork and track information.

Below, there are 8 coloured pads per deck which are able to control everything from cue points to FX and loops. 

The DDJ-1000SRT

Even though there are just two jogs, users can control all four decks in Serato Pro. The mixer section features 4 channels, with the same Color FX as the DJM and the Pioneer DJ’s 14 Beat FX.

The controller also has dual USBs for easy set swap overs and you also have the option to upgrade to Serato DVS.

The controller is not available just yet, but it sounds like it will be made available pretty soon, so stay tuned.