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Pierre Ravan is one of the first “Spiritual House DJ” in the world…

Add to that, a Heartfulness Meditation trainer and Certified Yoga Teacher, Pierre Ravan has incorporated the science of “Heartfulness Meditation” in to his musical Journey.

Ravan beautifully hosts a Meditation session before starting a DJ set with the purpose of uniting all the Hearts together. He brings unity amongst the audience who comes to experience his music in clubs and festivals around the world.

This New Year, Ravan is hosting the KaRavan Festival which is in essence a celebration of love comprising of Yoga, Meditation and Music….

KaRavan Festival

Get Ready for a two day journey through music and meditation with world famous DJ’s Pierre Ravan, Charl Chaka, Sam Farsio and Nawar. Embark on a 2-day journey for the whole family from sunset on New Years Eve to sunset on New Years Day.

The party starts on New Years Eve with a sunset session from 5pm right through to the early hours of New Years Day. Then bring in the new day with special KaRavan sunrise session of Pierre Ravan with Heartfulness yoga followed by Heartfulness meditation progressing to his musical set, flowing into a vegetarian breakfast of fresh fruit and vegetables.This will be followed by some music from Pierre Ravan, Charl Chaka and Nawar.

There’s a full programme of kids activities and full time babysitting throughout the festival as well as a kids cinema, so there really is no better place to celebrate the new year

Various packages available for the festival, visit the Facebook Page Event for full details.


About Pierre Ravan

It’s been a 12 year journey for Pierre who is now a well-respected DJ producer and remixer bringing a new aura to the house music scene. He also has a different variety of house music he likes to call “Spiritual House”.

It can be described as the perfect interfusion of his individual emphatic energy, ancient Persian heritage as well as a feel for the global dance-floor.

Pierre has a clear vision. He wants to bridge the gap between Yogi’s and Clubbers which will ultimately have a direct impact on our youth. The KaRavan Festival speaks to this as it encourages people to unite, live consciously without the need for intoxication from external substances.

This could be the future of clubbing!

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