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German trance master, Paul van Dyk, seems to be very proud of his wife, who has climbed the summit of 5642 meters high mountain Elbrus in the Caucasus!

Van Dyk is probably even more proud that his wife took the PvD flag to the summit of the highest point in Europe.

Margarita Morello – who married the German trance icon in 2017 – flew the flag from the top of Mount Elbrus.

Paul Van Dyk Shares The Victory

Posting to his social media accounts, van Dyk said:

“My brave, daring Margarita reached the summit of Mount Elbrus and let the PvD flag fly on the highest point in Europe!” He said on Tuesday. 

The DJ posted a photo showing Margarita and a companion on a snowy mountain peak together holding a flag with the words “Paul van Dyk”.

Paul van Dyk has been married to Margarita Morello since March 2017. 

Paul Van Dyk

Paul is currently performing in Ibiza.

We all recall how he crashed in February 2016 at the “A State Of Trance Festival” in Utrecht from the stage where he suffered a double fracture of the spine as well as a traumatic brain injury.

 Last month, we heard that his $12.6 million life-threatening injury compensation was at risk.