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Numerous reports have come in that Paul van Dyk may not be eligible to receive the $12.6 million that was awarded to him in compensation following a near-fatal fall from a stage in February 2016. 

A report by Digital Music News, ALDA Events ( the company behind the A State Of Trance festival where the freak accident took place )– has contested the court order that came into effect in January 2019 awarding the trance DJ $12,588,643.45 in damages, which included medical bills and past and future lost profits.

A Recap Of What Happened At The Festival

During his set at A State Of Trance Festival in Utrecht back in 2017, van Dyk fell from the stage, and suffered life-threatening damage to his spine as well a severe brain injury.

In the final court order issued at the begining of this year, it was deemed that Alda Events had not designed the stage to be safe to stand on. The findings also stated that they never warned the DJ that part of the stage was unstable.

ALDA events have now come back to court with a view to overturning that very ruling.

Their motion was filed at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California earlier this week, where ALDA is as claiming that Paul van Dyk never signed an underlying contract to perform at the 2016 music festival.

ALDA says that this claim overrides the DJs legal standing to participate in arbitration or receive the cost of the damages. 

The fact that petitioner Paul is a non-signatory and a non-party means that the arbitration agreement doesn’t extend to him,” ALDA Events says. “And no agreement to arbitrate exists between him and Alda.”

Only Time Will Tell

It is unclear what the outcome of ALDA Events appeal will be.

If you want to find out more about the saga, you can view the company’s complete opposition filing over here.

Paul van Dyk is now in the midst of his beloved SHINE Ibiza residency and in April, PVD launched announced a new label that focuses on up-and-coming trance artists.