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This Saturday 10 November at Soho Garden the new event Pareidolia will rock Dubai’s world.

Pareidolia is the concept of seeing faces where they don’t exist like the man on the moon, a goddess in a cloud or a smile in the sand. When music is added to that equation, happy faces appear everywhere. That’s the concept behind Soho Garden’s new event, Pareidolia.

These Pareidolia music parties began in 2016 in Tulum, Mexico at a Caribbean hotel called Coco Tulum Hotel. The concept took off and has been seen making happy faces in Tulum, Ibiza, Amsterdam and will now be in Dubai to share the friendliest faces in the electronic music scene.

This Saturday’s event kicks off at 8pm with Matthias Meyer from Watergate, Pareidolia resident Igor Marijuan and Pareidolia Dubai resident Space K.