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Nike has revealed a new sneaker – the Air Max 180 BLN trainer.

There’s something very unique about it. It’s colourful, inspired by Berlin – and has been made with the help of Classic Music Company’s Honey Dijon and Keinemusik.

Nike selected the Air Max 180 because of its debut in 1991. This was around the same time that Berlin started leading a global revolution in club culture. 

Keinemusik described the significance of techno and electronic music in Berlin at that time:

“West Berlin felt like an enclave until the wall came down, like a place with its own rules. And after the wall came down, the means of freedom in both parts of the city translated into a creative anything goes mentality. A perfect breeding ground for subcultures, with Techno being one of the most important and steady ones.”

Colourful Nike Air Max 180

The sneakers have splashes of lime green and pink and sport the words “UNITY” and “FREEDOM” on the soles.

nike air max 180

As the Nike website describes it:

The slogans “Unity” and “Freedom” on the outsoles represent the mantra of Berlin’s contemporary club culture and complete the design.

Pretty cool!

But how much will the Nike Air Max 180 cost you?

The colourful pair will cost you around 720 AED. So it may just set you back a bit.

You’ll be able to get your feet in a pair on Air Max Day from 26th March , and then via the SNEAKRS app on 30th March!