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One of New York’s most revolutionary DJ’s, Jason Jinx, has passed away.

Big Shot reported news of the DJ death which started spreading on social media, as well as his family setting up a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral costs.

The cause of death of the DJ and Producer is not known as yet.

New York DJ And Producer

Jinx, who’s real name was Jason Zambito, was among the first set of DJs in New York that promoted the East Coast’s electronic music scene.

The Long Island born DJ produced tunes from UK labels such as Reinforced and Moving Shadow.

Jason Jinx In The 90’s

Simon Reynolds speaks of Jinx in Energy Flash:

“DB and his fellow DJs like Soul Slinger and Jason Jinx were pushing the proto-jungle tunes from UK labels like Reinforced, Formation and Moving Shadow.The first time I went to NASA, I was thrilled to hear tunes I recognized from the London pirate stations.”

Zambito started producing in 1995 and entertained with a range of house, drum & bass and trance records. 

His family wrote on his GoFundMe Page:

“We are at a loss for words finding out our dear friend Jason Jinx Zambito passed away. We lost a titan of creativity whose kindness touched many here in NYC and whose music had a far reach the world over.”