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Pioneer DJ have announced something new and it’s in the form of a fresh all-in-one unit, the XDJ-XZ.

The new unit is their flagship all-in-one and it has all of the features one would expect taken from the DJM900nxs2 mixer – the Color FX and 14 Beat FX.

Key Features

The All-In-One player has a new three-band EQ on the master channel which is pretty awesome for mobile DJs playing in less-than-ideal acoustic spaces.

There are four channels in total, which gives users the option to add two sources on top of the two in-built channels.

A new feedback reducer also helps to prevent ‘howling’ when the mic is in use.

The New XZ

The on-jog screens seen in the DDJ range have morphed into the new XZ, and also full-size jog wheels from the CDJ2000nxs2.

There are now eight performance pads per channel for sample, cue, loop trigger and stutter FX. 

The XDJ-XZ also supports a new Link Export feature, which gives users the option to link together different Pioneer DJ devices. The 7-inch touchscreen is the centrepiece of it all, where your waveforms, cue points as well as track info are nicely displayed.

The new All-In-One player is available now and it’s good to know that Serato DJ Pro support will be available from early 2020!