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Yes folks! You heard it here first, news has broken that Dubai is to host the world premiere of a musical inspired by the infamous DJ Khaled Jetski incident.

It’s hard to forget the time when DJ Khaled was on his way home from Rick Ross’ house via jetski in Miami Bay back in 2015.

When the sun went down, Khaled lost his way and liveblogged the entire ordeal on Snapchat which instantly went viral

Khaled who is well known for his work with Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and many more, turned to the social network to inform fans of his dire situation and was literally terrified throughout.

Musical Inspired By DJ Khaled’s 2015 Jetski Incident

The incident was definitely one for the books and it seems that it has made a huge impact, so much so, that there is a musical in production – inspired solely by the incident

The musical is set to premier in the UAE this month.

Local DJ Monsafe AKA Smokingroove, who ironically often gets mistaken for DJ Khaled, is set to play the lead role.

Producers say that he was cast due to his uncanny resemblance to the award winning American DJ & Producer!

DJ Khaled’s 2015 Jetski Incident Inspires Musical

The musical will feature a fully aquatic stage and the lead actor will be driving the exact same jetski from the original incident.

There are many themes in the musical that come through from Khaled’s ordeal and a lot of the lyrics from the musical numbers use dialogue directly quoted from DJ Khaled during the live blog

Speaking of the incident back in 2015, Khaled explained to Tech Insider:

When I was on the jet ski, I documented it because I was scared . I felt like if my battery gonna go down, somebody gonna call somebody.”

Khaled also urged others to learn from his mistake and used the incident to relay the power of Social media platforms in connecting artists with fans.

No official dates or venues have been announced for the musical as yet, but we are very intrigued to see for ourselves.

P.S. April Fools