DubaiLAD 728×90 – 728×90
DJ Factory 728 x 90

Whether it be on the dance floor of bustling nightclubs, or brushing shoulders with industry icons, Beirut born and Dubai based Hoolz is bound to have raised your curiosity and grabbed your attention.

Sometimes mistaken for Deep Like’s mascot Louie The Owl, but always in control with his finger on the pulse. His unique take on the scene is one that breathes fresh air and life into Dubai’s exotic circuit.

Guardian of Deep Like and self confessed control freak of the crew, he’s personally a perfectionist of both sound and art, and a tough critic of anything and everything. He sets an interesting and challenging dynamic – one in which the rest of the crew thrive on.

Always on the hunt for his next challenge, his guidance of his fellow owls ensures that Deep Like’s magical and mysterious aura remains ever-present as the collective glide from show to show.

Catch him each & every week at HUSH Thursdays at Zabeel House The Greens.