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A new benchmark has been set for Virtual online performances!  

If the numbers being thrown around are correct, 10 million players were in attendance at Marshmello’s recent gig in Fortnite.

In essence what this figure really means, is that it was more crowded than any other real-world concert! This is certainly a significant milestone for the concept of virtual online performances. Basically, one for the books.

Marshmello Beams With Excitement After Virtual Concert For ‘Fortnite’

Marshmello tweeted the following after the performance:

He followed this tweet with yet another and the exhilaration is still evident for all of Twitter to read:

Marshmello Virtual Concert Hosts 10 Million

If you missed it, you can watch it on the artist’s YouTube page:

The set has since been made available on Apple Music, though the novelty of the experience was presumably half the appeal. (You can also watch the concert on the artist’s YouTube channel.

Marshmello Holds First Ever Fortnite Concert

Marshmello 10 Million Fortnite

What made this even more memorable, is that just like a “real concert”, players could also purchase merchandise in the form of Marshmello costumes. Clever!

We think that the idea of attending an event with little to no money in the comfort of your own home, is just awesome!

So Big Thumbs Up, Marshmello.

Did you attend Marshmello’s event in Fortnite?