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In Arabic, Maktub means ‘It has been written’.

It is based on the first time Satori made music, which was inspired by Arabian Nights (a compilation of Middle Eastern Tales) and the aim of Maktub is to break boundaries and to combine cultures.

An Audiovisual Experience On Another Level

Satori will be performing a hypnotic trance, which will be backed up by a unique visual projection mapping.

The projection mapping will basically sync with the music that Satori is playing along with his fellow band who will be using instruments such as the electric guitar, Moroccan Gimbri, Flute, Piano and Synthesizer.

Be Svendsen Will Also Be Headlining

Svendsen hypnotically incorporates is nomadic techno with amazing vocal elements during his live production. It’s going to be a deep and experimental journey by the sounds of it.

The Persian legend, Bahramji, will also be playing an early set on the Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE beach. His famous Persian Santoor will be the highlight, layered on top of a DJ set. It’s very meditative and the performance is aimed at lifting the body and soul.

This is a truly unique experience .

Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE Lineup – April 26th

Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE Resident DJ’s Frederick Stone, Michka and Mario Bazouri will also be warming up the crowd onn the beach, together with guests Hoolz from Deep Like and Bachir Salloum.

Guests can also look forward to nourishing yoga, meditation, workshops and activities such as Poi & Hula Hooping, Arabic Coffee Readings, Magic Wand Flow, Spiritual Painting and more!

A pop-up market for eco-friendly products  will also be set up so you can also do a spot of shopping throughout the day.

Maktub by Satori At Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

Where: Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

When:  Friday, April 26

Tickets available from: Platinum List and Virgin

For reservations contact 056 113 3400 or