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Opera is certainly one of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment, and it’s been given a new lease of life thanks to Luiza Formenius, a classically trained soprano artist based right here in Dubai. 

Luiza has played across the globe including South Africa, Sweden and India as well as several high-profile performances in Dubai. The talented star wants to make opera and the classical sound more available and enticing to the younger crowd, so as to make sure that it doesn’t die out as an art form.

She’s doing just that, with two singles –  Rebel Bird and Dream A Little Dream.

Rebel Bird

‘Rebel Bird’ brilliantly blurs the lines between contemporary Pop and classic Opera.

Luiza, together with Universal Music MENA has given Bizet’s classic ‘Carmen’ a modern twist in the form of ‘Rebel Bird’, a soaring take on the operatic classic from 1875. 

Speaking about the single, Luiza says:

‘Carmen has always been one of my favorite Operas and I felt that the song was familiar enough to most people that it wouldn’t seem foreign. Since my vision is to make Opera more relevant and available to a younger audience, I felt that this song was a good place to start as it’s very playful and catchy.

The single on Universal Music also includes a stunning video shot on location in Sweden where she was born.

My experience shooting my first video honestly couldn’t have been better!’ says Luiza excitedly. ‘The songs lyrics literally translated means “Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame”. It speaks about the fact that love is unpredictable, you can’t choose who you love and who loves you, when or how you fall in love, or how long love will last.’  says Luiza.

Dream A Little Dream

‘Dream A Little Dream’ is a timeless classic which was first recorded close to 100 years ago. Since then, it’s been covered more than 60 times! So this means that any cover version has to be outstanding to compete with that history..…

The daydream melody is still present and correct thanks to Luiza’s vocals, which soar with operatic power mid-way through the cover.

We look forward to hearing more from Luiza in years to come!