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British house and techno record producer and DJ Carl Cox has shared a recent live performance from Medway in San Francisco.

Happy and smiling fans filled the place while Cox played until the early hours. He’s renowned for his amazing energy and of course his productions.

Carl Cox part of Fundraiser

The set that Carl shared was recorded in March of this year. It formed part of the annual Burning Man fundraiser for the Playground sound camp, of which Carl co-founded. Playground will make its way back to Black Rock City in 2019, thanks to the funds raised from the fundraiser. The camp says:

It can’t be done without them and Carl is eternally thankful, as are all the camp creatives, for the support given by so many.”

That same night, Ben Seagren,Joseph Capriati, Brennen Grey, Paul Skinback, Pleasurekraft, Syd Gris, Igor Marijuan, and Mark London also played.

Lets hope that we’ll get to hear some of those sets soon!

Carl has a busy schedule ahead. He will soon be playing Arcadia’s new 50-metre high stage at Glastonbury along with some other big techno names. He will also be performing at two very special shows at Ibiza’s DC-10 this summer.