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These days, brands seem to be paying big bucks to appear less like huge  Corporates and more like cool members of the youth.

This is exactly the kind of stunt which KFC (tried to) pull off at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this past weekend.

This popular festival which has been headlined by acts like David Guetta and Avicii boasts annual line ups of the best artists on the planet.

On the first day of Ultra, festival goers noticed a familiar name on the list of artists, but it wasn’t exactly a DJ.

What Was Colonel Sanders Doing At Ultra?

Colonel Sanders AKA the face of KFC had been given a timeslot. They embarrassingly believed that they could spread the word of their finger lickin’ good chicken by dressing up an anonymous DJ in an oversized Colonel Sanders costume and allowing him 5 minutes on the decks.

But sadly, Sanders performed an underwhelming, cringe worthy EDM set.

There wasn’t any free chicken being passed around either! While ridiculous emoji’s of the Colonel were displayed over the LED walls, the generic tracks had to be endured by festival goers who didn’t seem into it at all!

Hellooo Kentucky, oh wait, Miami. I am Colonel Sanders, I am everywhere”.

We cringe.

The crowd was honestly in disbelief.

Is this the future?

The crowd at Ultra and probably all of us who have seen the video, have been force-fed a KFC advert via a DJ set.

We hope that this is not a trend that will stick around, because if it is – a very disturbing precedent has been set!

We’re not sure what Ultra was thinking, as they have always aimed to showcase the best talent in all genres but this has certainly left an unsavoury taste in many mouths.

What do you think about KFC’s advertising strategy?