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The world just said goodbye to fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld after his passing and now the question is, what would happen to his beloved cat, Choupette?

The Birman was given to the fashion pioneer by French model Baptiste Giabiconi in 2012. Choupette has her own Instagram account with more than 283k followers, she has two personal maids and has a diet filled with luxurious treats.

There are now rumours doing its rounds that the cat is going to receive a large portion of Lagerfelds $200 million fortune.

Cat Set To Inherit Karl Lagerfeld’s Fortune

During an interview with French magazine Le Numéro Lagerfeld was asked if Choupette would inherit a part of his wealth, he gave a short response saying, “Among others, yes. Don’t worry, there is enough for everyone” .

He even addressed Choupette as “the heiress.”

Image Credit: The Mirror

Legally though, you can’t leave money to an animal under French law.

But thanks to Lagerfelds German nationality, Choupette can in fact receive a share if an association names her as a beneficiary and if they do – Choupette will possibly be sharing Lagerfeld’s fortune with his godson, Hudson Kroenig.

Choupette’s next guardian is still unknown.

Wow, lucky Cat!