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Dance is a conversation between the body and soul”         

Charl Chaka

If that sentence speaks to you then Ecstatic Dance is for you!

It’s a community gathering for people who want to express themselves freely, connect with intention and expand together through the inspiration of a musical journey & dance.

Ecstatic Dance DXB with guest, Andres Espinoza Arellano

On Thursday 16th January, join our very own Charl Chaka & Jes Body who will be hosting  Ecstatic Dance DXB in the beautiful inspiring  wooden dance floor of Karma Yoga.

Treat yourself to an evening of ancient sounds, music, movement & dance. Journey to the beat of the drum & sacred songs with their guest from Chile, Andres Espinoza Arellano, combined with instruments & DJ set to take you on a musical journey.

Ecstatic Dance
Andres Espinoza Arellano

Andrés is originally from Chile and was raised amongst the Mapuche, the indigenous people of the region. Andrés is a master of medicine songs from many different cultures, and is known to sing in ceremony continuously for four hours or more – guiding the spirit of the medicine and the journeys of the participants in masterful ways. In addition to singing icaros, he sings medicine songs in Spanish and English, as well as Native American medicine songs of the Lakota, and Indian mantras in Sanskrit. He is also a song writer and composer.

Come & express yourself freely with intention & expand through the inspiration of music & dance!

No Shoes. No Phones. No Booze….

Why Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance empowers people to freely express themselves in a liberating atmosphere, creating a melting pot of acceptance whiles the fearlessness with each other give us permission and the courage to dance without the need to be following any specific steps, techniques or looks but abandon yourselves to the rhythm & music, letting your body move freely as it wants….leading to the power to free your mind, dancing a formless dance that is extremely liberating & uplifting to your soul!

Ecstatic Dance

In the history of mankind, dance used to play an important role for cultures all around the world – it assisted people in solving conflicts, celebrating important events, honoring natural cycles, and it was an important part of religious rituals but mainly, it strengthened people’s feeling of belonging and helped them to move energy improve health and become closer to each other. 

Ecstatic Dance DXB Event

Where: Karma Yoga

When: Thursday 16th January 2020

Visit the Facebook Page Event for more details