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Adidas Originals has revealed its “Change is a Team Sport” campaign and it’s a star-studded campaign like know other.

The three-stripe brand is celebrating the Superstar’s 50th anniversary. As a result, the campaign features some of their most marketable collaborators, athletes and ambassadors.

Superstar’s 50th Anniversary

The anniversary campaign was directed by adidas’ newest collaborator, Jonah Hill, who recently officially announced their partnership. The announcement comes after various rumours of a collaboration between the two.

The star of the short video clip is 23-year old skateboarder Jenn Soto. In the video, he is seen running and skating through a school-like environment where everyone is wearing adidas Superstars and matching adidas tracksuits. We see Pharrell Williams, Paul Pogba, Kerwin Frost, Nigo, and Blondey doing just that.

You will hear Jonah Hill’s voice over the school loudspeaker, informing everyone that it takes teamwork to make a change and that together and as a result, they will be able to achieve anything.

The video is the first official outcome of adidas and Jonah Hill’s partnership, which is believed to include a number of co-branded sneakers which will be launched.

So we’ll definitely stay tuned for more Jonah Hill x adidas announcements over the next couple of months.