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A new monthly underground rave concept is hitting Dubai Studio City soon.

The Grid will be launching with a massive line-up and 50 000 sq.ft dance floor that will be waiting for you come Thursday July 4th.

As the excitement is building as we head to the launch, we were lucky enough to chat to Loay Adel Salama, the man behind the Grid. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Loay! How proud are you opening ‘The Grid’ this weekend? 

Let’s just say that it represents almost everything I’ve been working on for the past 16 years. The whole team and myself are beyond excited for this project. It has been one long year of preparation, we haven’t slept since 2018!

How did you come up with the idea of ‘The Grid’? Do you take inspiration from any other event concepts? 

The Grid contains bits and pieces of everything. The idea has been brewing for a while now and we just needed the right venue that would help us bring it to life. We put in the hard work and almost overnight things just fell into place. Touring for the past couple of years really helped give me and the team a better perspective of what the scene in Dubai and the Middle East in general needs.

What’s the core passion for your team behind ‘The Grid’? What drives you all?

We have been obsessed with everything related to the dance music culture for as long as we can remember. It started with a passion for the music then extended to the labels, the artists, the clubs and the festivals, the sound engineering, the effect of the industry on humanity – everything about it is just amazing. This gives people hope, its not just a party anymore, its never been for me.

Take us through what’s going to happen on the opening night and the DJ line-up

We are currently in the final stages of the production phase and doing everything we can to deliver a truly transformative experience! Our team has surgically chosen line up of badass artists each coming from a different section of the industry and each has a unique element. We wanted to combine a number of sounds and techniques to deliver the whole picture.

Sebastian has a beautiful live/hybrid act, the Mutants have a deeper sound, James Zabiela has a bigger more filling sound, Josephine has a combination of very clever constructions and I will be playing a bit of an energy drive sound that I’ve been working on for a while.

Tell us about the lighting, sound and staging for the venue

At The Grid, we will do everything we can to be different and offer something unique, with the lights and visuals we have something very cool prepared. We are aiming for an immersive experience that will keep getting more elaborate every month.

As for the sound, we want to make the sound as much a star of the show as any of the headliners. We have spent a lot of time and effort to explore a 3D modeling sound experience. It is a monstrous L-Acoustic sound system with massive power and clarity engineered and designed to the T and is capable of delivering 130db, which is pretty insane. People will definitely get to feel something different at The Grid.

the grid

How do you see Dubai on the party map of the world? 

Dubai actually has a tricky scene. It has a thriving underground scene built by the pioneers who started the journey here years ago. However, it is perceived sometimes as more on the commercial side on the global scene which isn’t accurate. The people here now know the music and the crowds are educated.

There are a large number of promoters and artists who definitely know their stuff and even the international names come here expecting something and they get a real surprise. We hope The Grid can help further develop the underground scene in Dubai .

What is your message you want to deliver from The Grid? 

We are trying to promote a culture of simplicity and believe that people in those types of settings are more open, so we will be promoting some really healthy and inspiring ideas and principles that will have a spiritual element to them, such as acceptance, letting go of one’s troubles, happiness, and more.

Events, in my opinion, are a clever form of group healing sessions and we plan to do what we can to make every single person walking through those giant doors to feel and be his best self in every way.