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We caught up with the amazing Meduza who are headlining at the after party of Soho Garden’s all new Soho Brunch this Friday. The group are a huge success in the world of electronic house music, garnering a mammoth following since their debut release, ‘Piece of Your Heart’ featuring Goodboys. The track which smashed multiple charts, went on to achieve Gold, Diamond and Platinum certification. Their recent follow up, ‘Lose Control’ is headed in the same direction with over 50 million streams in its first month. We spoke to the group to find out more about their dynamic and their big plans for next year.

Hi Meduza! It’s great to meet you! Thanks for chatting with us at Infusion Magazine – we’re very excited to see you at Soho Garden this Friday!

  • You’ve really been making waves on the house music circuit this year. Your debut release, ‘Piece of Your Heart’ was a massive success, peaking at no.2 in the UK charts and the Spotify Global Chart too. The follow up ‘Lose Control’ looks to be headed the same way. When you first produced ‘Piece of Your Heart’ did you ever imagine it would become such a smash hit?

We just make the music that we love and feel we would enjoy listening to. We don’t make music with the focus of being successful, only of making quality music, it’s all about making great house music at the end of the day.

  • Meduza has an air of mystery when it comes to the artists behind the music. You guys are from Italy, but tell us more about yourselves and how you came together as Meduza.

Simone and Luca started off by working together on some projects close to 10 year ago, and then we all met a few years later. We’ve been working on a few things together throughout the last few years, and finally when we we’re in the studio in sessions working on tracks like Piece of Your Heart, we decided to form Meduza.

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Lose Control Squad 👊🏻

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  • After what has been an extremely successful summer for Meduza, taking the stage at the likes of Elrow and Fabric along with a tour of the US, next year is looking even bigger. What’s in the diary for Meduza and will you be back in Dubai again?

Yes we are super excited about all the touring, seeing the dance floor vary from country to country has been an amazing experience. We are starting 2020 in Australia, and have confirmed Mexico, and a few other spots.

  • We’ve established that you guys are pretty busy on the party circuit right now, but what does a typical day look like for Meduza?

When we’re on tour classic day is waking up early in the morning and doing a workout in the gym before breakfast, so then we can have time to visit the city where we are. After that, usually by late afternoon we work on some stuff like promo / radio / emails / socials and new music, after that a little nap and we’re definitely ready for the show then.

  • How do you plan your sets and which track to play next when you’re on stage?

We usually set up a big folder with all the new tracks we love then go to the venue and try to understand the crowd’s vibe and the mood we feel in the venue. It’s all about the feeling – some tracks fit, some do not and you bring people into your musical journey. There is no set plan, all venues and crowds are different.

  • Meduza has already garnered a big following, but who are you guys big fans of?

We’re fans of good music, no matter what the genre is. We love music from artists like Eric Prydz and Solomun, but we love also listening to a lot of Rock, RnB, Soul, Jazz and Classical music also, so we have a very wide palate of music we like.

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New music on the horizon 🎶👾

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Our thanks go to the fantastic Meduza for taking the time to talk to us at Infusion. These talented musicians are headlining live at the after party of Soho Garden’s all new Soho Brunch, at Café Mambo this Friday December 6th. For more information on the event click here. It’s not one to be missed!