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We caught up with HOSH this weekend before his epic performance at Blue Marling UAE. Find out what he has to say.

How do you think you’ve grown in your career from when you started out?

For me, constant growth and staying open to change is a main goal. What started as a hobby turned into my greatest passion and the only thing I really never got bored of. I am a DJ and Producer. I was also a promoter for many years. Now with fryhide, I run a label for which I built the entire crew / team and am involved in all aspects, from A&R to artwork. So it really doesn´t get boring or slow – I’m always looking for new projects and ways to innovate.

What is the biggest difference for you between being a DJ and being a producer and how do you merge the two?

They’re very different sides of the job. Being creative and boosting inspiration, while spending time mainly alone in the studio and creating a world in your mind is the producer site. Then as a DJ you stand in front of many, many people in the role of an entertainer while also adapting to spaces, occasions and bouncing off particular energies. Just by nature, it’s really difficult to compare the two. The beauty of it is when both worlds are perfectly in balance, as I really love them both. 

What inspires you most?

This can be anything really: the weather, some positive or negative things happening in life, a thought or just a significant moment in a party. There’s creative value everywhere in our environment. My job is just to be able to channel it into music, whether it’s a moment, a feeling or something I see. Lately, I’ve been inspired by vibrant international nightclubs like Warung Beach Club, Brazil, and decided to release a compilation of exclusive tracks played in that space, to be released soon.  

How has moving to Ibiza influenced your work? 

Creativity comes from within. Looking back, I wouldn’t say the move itself was a defining influence. But since somehow everything influences you and the island does have its special energy, it also plays its role. Am I sounding more balearic these days? You tell me! (laughs) 

What’s the coolest moment you experienced in music?

Seeing my dad’s hero, Mick Jagger, dance to my set in a private party in Moscow. 

What can we expect to see in the future from fryhide?

My next EP will be a 2 tracker collaboration with my brother, Tone Depth, that we’re currently just finishing up. We work well together and bring out each other’s fire. Our past collaborations have this instrumental and guitar-driven drive to them. In general there are many exciting projects coming up on fryhide for 2019. One thing I’m really looking forward to is scheduling many more label events. We’ve had two showcases so far, and plan to continue building them and giving our artists the space to express their uniqueness. Dubai is on the list for sure.

What were you most looking forward to about returning to Blue Marlin UAE?

I’m happy to say this is a friends affair for me. We’ve all known each other now for a long time. I expect nothing less then the amazing party which I’ve always had there!


Learn more about HOSH’s label from the fryhide website.