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DJ, Natasha Kitty Katt has a reputation for lighting up dancefloors with her energetic and eclectic brand of underground disco all over the world.

Natasha was born into a music-obsessed family and was raised on a healthy diet of soul, funk, boogie, and rare disco! Last week, Natasha Kitty Katt, unleashed the power of disco at BARBARY, with a tantalizing live performance!

We got the chance to chat to Natasha about a couple of things and this is what she had to say:

When did you start DJing – and what/who were your early passions and influences?

I started DJing in 2012. I was born into a soul music obsessed family and introduced to rare Soul, Funk, Boogie and Rare Disco from a young age. My earliest musical influences would probably be classed as Northern or Modern Soul.

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? 

I constantly challenge myself to be the best I can be.

You have a very busy schedule, being an in-demand DJ all over the world! How do you stay focused? 

Always focus on the end goal and giving up on my dream is not an option.

Can you please share one piece of advice you would give to any up and coming DJs?

Work hard, stay humble and knowledge is power.

What’s your thoughts on the current Dubai music scene?

It seems to be emerging. I loved playing at The Barbary.

dj natasha kitty kat

As a DJ, the relationship with your audience is crucial. How do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new? 

I think it’s always important to stay true to yourself. I like to take people on a musical journey and introduce them to material they haven’t heard before alongside tracks they know and love.

Thanks for chatting to us Natasha!