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Bassworx DXB is back and they are coming home to their old stomping ground – Casa Latina – Ibis Al Barsha!

There’s more. It’s a Sun and Bass special! The Drum & Bass festival in Sardinia is collaborating with Bassworx and they’re bringing not one but two headline acts.

One of these acts is none other than A-sides. A SIDES, aka Jason Cambridge, is a veteran DJ, Producer & Engineer, with a truly epic catalogue stretching over 20 years. He tours all over the world every year – regularly performing in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, America, Austria and Fabric in London.

We got a chance to talk to him prior to the gig taking place on Thursday July 4.

Tell us a bit about your musical background. Where did it all start?

I’m a 70’s baby and was lucky to grow up and witness the explosion of the birth of Hip Hop in the early 80’s. Alongside this, I took drum lessons at school as part of my music class and that pretty much set me on the path to where I am today.

One good thing I love about Hip Hop is that it teaches you to study many different forms of music without boundaries – especially when it comes to sampling so that opened me up to many different styles of music. The path I took was Hip Hop – Hip House – Hardcore – Jungle – Drum & Bass however I still love many forms of music especially Old School Hip Hop, Electro, Funk, Soul, Jazz, R&B Reggae.

What most inspires you to create? Is it the city you’re in? A gig? A new sample? A cup of coffee?

I would say listening to a lot of Drum & Bass and also to other styles of music but my main inspiration would be technology and new kit.

The feeling of having a new toy and wanting to use it to create something is always top of that list. I also love Coffee too, Bialetti style is my favourite technique with Colombian or Italian beans but New Zealand also have some fire!!!!

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve ever experienced in music?

A few things. DJing in Sao Paulo with DJ Marky to 40,000 people, being contacted by Giles Peterson to record a Worldwide Mix and having music released on Metalheadz alongside Nathan Haines under our Sci-Clone project.

As for previous gigs, what was the one thing that made your best set so good?

That’s a tough question especially due to the amount of sets I have played but for me there are 3 important factors. The first is having a good crowd, it’s not important if it’s a big crowd or not but if they are passionate and into what you are doing that’s great.

Also working besides a good MC who knows when to let the music breathe then finally a comfortable booth is key. Also – DJ Monitors positioned well, DJ equipment at a comfy height and lots of Sub Bass!

What are your thoughts on the Dubai music scene?

I love coming to play in Dubai. Firstly, because the Bassworx crew are all solid geezers who are passionate about what they do. Also I love how diverse the crowd is and they know how to have a good time in Dubai!

Many good memories especially my first gig in Dubai on Halloween with the violent baby LOL! If you were there then you know …

If you had the chance to be one other artist for a day, who would you choose and why?

David Guetta… because he created everything from the Amen Break to the Akai MPC . All hail David Guetta!

Thanks for your time A-sides. We look forward to Bassworx!