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Rony Seikaly will be performing at Blue Marlin on Friday 1st March and we were lucky enough to catch him for an interview before the big day!

We asked him….

You’re good at varying elements and genres of music and merging them into your own style. How do you remain innovative in terms of creating new sounds?

The trend and genres of music keep changing, but within that change I stay true to what I feel is my style. No matter how the music changes, I modernize my own style but still keep it within what I feel is my sound. I want to tell a story within today’s changing genre. 

With such an extremely hectic schedule, what do you to unwind?

Usually the best way for me to unwind is making music! It’s like my meditation. I can just zone out and be in the moment and just have fun. Either making music or sports, especially tennis and kite surfing.

You’ve performed in many different destinations. What has been your favourite location and destination to perform in?

I especially love playing at Space in Miami, The Garten and Uberhaus in Beirut, Amnesia Ibiza… those have been my favourites of all time. I’ve played many different clubs all over the world, but I feel these venues deliver that old school vibe where the dance floor is really ready to dance. It’s that authentic feel of what clubbing was and should be all about.

You have an incredible sporting career on your resume. Do you think your career as a celebrity sportsman helped or hindered your DJing career?

I think it definitely hindered it.  A lot of people don’t understand how someone who’s been an athlete could know about music, so it’s always been an uphill battle trying to convince people that I’m not in this for the celebrity of the fame. I’m in it because I love doing it, I just love music.

You have a few gigs lined up in Dubai, what’s your thoughts on the Dubai music scene?

The Dubai scene has been very strong for the last few years. Lots of DJs and brands are playing there now and it’s always super fun. I’m so looking forward to playing at Hatch for the first time, everyone has said it’s an amazing venue, and bringing the underground vibe to Dubai.

What can we expect to see from Rony Seikaly in the future?

As far as the future is concerned, I’ll just keep plugging away. I’m not looking to go anywhere specifically, I’ve always been about the journey not the destination – so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, and if I continue to enjoy it, I keep doing it, if not, I can just stop. I do it for the love of it, not for the sake of it, same with always hand picking the special gigs and venues that I want to play.

Thanks for your time Rony, we look forward to seeing you at Blue Marlin!