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Pierre Ravan has been a part of the House music revolution since the beginning. He’s created an entire genre of music dedicated to bringing listeners closer to enlightenment. He’s here in Dubai and we got a chance to speak with him about it.

For those who may not have heard of you, can you give a little background on who you are and how you got started?

My name is Pierre Ravan. I’ve been in the music industry for the past 30 years. I started professionally when I was 20 years old. Now I’m 50, not that age has any significance. I started when the real house music scene was starting. It was when house music was about love and togetherness. I started in Czech Republic in the time of the revolution in 1989. After 40 years of communism the country became free.  I was very much active in that scene in San Francisco, Czech Republic and of course Ibiza. That was the time when House was growing up and it was really about the heart and the love shared. 

What has been your experience in Dubai?

I truly feel that Dubai by itself is like a country (like NY in US). I always considered myself part of this place and not just a transit traveler. I had first come to Dubai in 1996 to 1998. From my first visit, I loved it, and felt in my heart that it is a perfect place to get the material and spiritual balance, and still do. Back then there was only one club and it was in Deira. That was the time when I was really developing the house music community. I was based between Barcelona, Czech Republic and San Francisco. And, we were kind of starting to play the real house music back then. 

Now, I’m based between India, Dubai and Prague (to cover Asia, the Middle East and Europe), but I travel very often. I feel at home in Dubai. I feel I belong here. When I started here that was the beginning for me. I am honoured to have been involved with the government as they organised all the amazing movements here like the International Day of Yoga, with XYoga and the Ayush conference. It gives youth and the future generation an opportunity to explore both wings of material and spiritual life. But, you should truly be involved to be able to feel this; otherwise you will judge it only by appearances. We’re bringing the 3 H’s that The Ministry of Happiness put so well: Health, Harmony and Happiness. We bring Health through nutrition. We bring Happiness through meditation. We bring Harmony through the hearts of people dancing to the tune of love.

How has your incorporation of spirituality and music evolved since its inception?

As you know I have created, as part of the Nature’s plan, a new concept called: KaRavan. KaRavan is a Spiritual Journey through Music & Meditation. The whole objective is to unite all people from yogis to clubbers as one family of humans and let them experience their hearts through meditation and then music. I have always following a true spiritual path called: Heartfulness. From the time I became a trainer, I always knew that there is a beauty in the people who come to the dance floor. The DJ has the biggest responsibility. A DJ can misuse it, or use it to work on people’s hearts and unite them, without putting on his Ego.

The method of Heartfulnessis all about living by the Heart. The purpose of Heartfulness Meditation is to reconnect to our higher self within. Thus, it reveals the infinite potential of the heart. Heartfulness nurtures the qualities of love, unity, peace, harmony, moderation, joy, oneness, intuition, creativity and courage and a transcendence of mindfulness. The specialty of Heartfulness is Yogic Transmission (Pranahuti), an ancient yogic technique that brings natural change from within. This is transmitted from the source into the heart of people. Because I was a trainer, I was able to do that. And, I realised what a difference it made on the dance floor.

Tell us about your album series KaRavan and how that began.

KaRavan is my worldwide Unique Concept, as a Spiritual Journey through music. It consists of a combination of Yoga & Heartfulness Meditation followed by Spiritual House music set all in one single journey.

In the beginning, I got associated with few clubs, promoters and organisers who understood the goal. We began organising events where we could implement the concept and let the audience go back home with a gift of love in their hearts all while having fun. Of course in venues that didn’t have the infrastructure of conducting yoga and meditation, we only implemented the musical journey. By itself, the music can give audiences a glimpse of what can be felt in their hearts. I was involved with many projects like Xyoga, International Day of Yoga and even with biggest clubs like PACHA. For me the KaRavan journey will never stop until we reach the final destination. Everyone is welcome to join this journey. And, everyone is welcome to get off the journey. But, when you are with me on this journey, come and be yourself with no ego and prejudice.

The whole journey is supported by a KaRavan albums. I have my tenth one coming soon. Each year the new album has a different name. The last one came out over the summer and its name was Heartfulness exactly as the path. It was a 3-CD album. The full concept is music for 24 straight hours. 

You’re doing something this weekend with Blue Marlin UAE. Tell us more about that.

I know the Blue Marlin team from back in the day. They are amazing people from the owner all the way down the line with e professional approach in the music scene. We have worked together since before Blue Marlin was formed in UAE. We thought now is the right time to create something meaningful together and transcend all usual party events happening around. We will have a new brunch concept name MOKSHA (liberation) with collaboration with KAYNOUNA on the sat 12th Jan 2019.

What can people expect when they go?

We want people to have an experience, and not just another night with some international DJs. We want them to come experience the Divine energy, through heartfulness. This is the future of clubbing. It’s spiritual intoxication rather than chemical intoxication. People will spend their day in mystical pleasure with our pop-up marketplace, yoga, meditation sessions and more. And we will welcome an energy that elevates our spirit and links our hearts to house music.

What else can we expect to see from you in the future?

I am honoured to work very soon with one of the coolest hotel brands in the world based in Dubai. The concept stands for passion, fuel, wellness, design and fashion, to introduce Sunrise KaRavan journey. More news on that will be announced soon.

Check out Pierre Ravan this weekend at Blue Marlin UAE for brunch on Saturday 12 January noon till 11pm.