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Barbary Dubai is bringing Moullinex, one of the world’s most renowned disco DJs, to close out their New Year Eve’s bash. And, Infusion was lucky enough to catch him for an interview to get an idea of what’s in store for next week’s big event. Here’s what he had to say. 

What are the greatest influences to the way you put music together and your remixes?

I love both modern and old music, all genres, styles, eras. I grew up on Jazz and Funk, and later fell in love with electronica. So, I’m always trying to bridge both worlds, trying to incorporate classic instruments into modern arrangements and vice versa. Two examples that come to mind are Stevie Wonder and Prince, who were able to work with the cutting edge of technology available to them at the time, but still infuse the songs with their own identity, and with timeless songwriting.

What draws you to disco?

I’m drawn to the whole richness of its sonic tapestry. It’s timeless songs, majestic arrangements, brilliant musicians, bleeding edge studio techniques, all under one simple rule: groove is king.

How did you make the leap into your own label?

It was a combination of naivety and the need for control. Xinobi and I were making music and being sent music which we loved at the time. It felt like the structure and tools for a record label nowadays were attainable for everyone. So, we jumped into it. Because the label was always a labor of love to us, we were able to avoid making compromises. It’s been ten years, and we’re really proud of the releases we’ve put out.

We know what has been the most success for you commercially, but what are you the most proud of? 

I’m most proud of the accomplishments where I had to overcome big obstacles, from a songwriting, human or technical standpoint. On my first album, Flora, I set out to do some compositions I literally had no skills for. So, I had to force myself to learn a lot in the process. Arranging for a 10-piece ensemble to render a live version of the music of John Williams for Star Wars was another challenge. And my latest album, Hypersex, was such a collaborative endeavour that I had to keep my ego in check in the whole process to allow for other people’s creative juices to bloom in it.

You say that no matter where you come from or who you are, music is a celebration. What about music, in your opinion draws that out?

Music is a universal language. Since language is communication, music brings people together. No matter where you come from or what your baggage is, you can’t help but have a physical response to music. And, this response is greatly amplified when you share it with other people. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that in an era where we’re digitalising all aspects of our lives, we’re still drawn to nightclubs and concert spaces to listen to music with others, and allow them to step into our personal space? We must treasure this as a society.

Well said, Moullinex! We can’t wait to see the man in action on New Year’s Eve at Barbary Dubai!