– 728×90 – 01.01.2019
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After years of an intense work, Ayloul, one of the most inventive bands on the independent scene in Jordan today, have announced the release of their much-anticipated sophomore album titled “Salute To Al Ghor” with Universal Music MENA.

Just before the full album release, Ayloul released a music video for the title ‘Cement o Hadid’ (Cement and Steel), on their VEVO channel on February 28th.

 The video is a compiled visual diary of the bands’ creative process and humble identity.

It was basically a sneak preview at the full album which includes 9 tracks. 

Ayloul Releases First Album

Ayloul has 6 members with:

  • Ra’ad Altabari as the lead vocalist and electric guitarist.
  • Mounif Alzghoul – back vocalist and  acoustic guitarist,
  • Yosour Alzoubi – violin
  • Ma’in Mheidat – keyboard
  • Abed Alfattah Ghabayen – bass
  • Hayyan Jougga – drums

Together they interlace indie rock with the dramatic and emotive Eastern sound.

The record production as well as mixing were conducted by David Scott.

The album also features many guest musicians such as the children chorus led by Faten, Khalid, Juman, Fadi, Ayah and Aryam.

You can also hear guest percussionist Maen Al-Sayed on the album together with Ahmad Al Silawy on the Yarghoul.